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Safer Cross Walk Solution for the Seawall

What do you think about having beautiful crosswalks that will not affect vehicle traffic and will also make it safer to get pedestrians from one side to the other? Grant money is available to make this a reality.

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A message on Unity and Tolerance

I created the Committee on Unity and Tolerance for the purpose of promoting peace and resolving tension among all races, genders, and ethnic groups in our community. Unfortunately, this committee dissolved after I was termed-out as Mayor, but I intend to resurrect it!

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City Manager Raises Withdrawing From Chamber Over Possible Endorsement

Being widely noticed and discussed around town, the Galveston City Manager in an email has raised that if the Galveston Regional Chamber endorses a candidate for Mayor there might be various repercussions. Among the repercussions implied would be the City, Parks Board and Wharves (Port) withdrawing support from the Chamber.

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Disclaimers Aside, Here are the Facts

The latest defense of Galveston City finances (Daily News, March 8) entirely avoids addressing my main point – that Galveston’s taxes and borrowing are too high as reflected in the city’s over-borrowed financial structure. It also begs the question – if everything is so wonderful then why did the City need to raise our taxes last September? We’ll see why in a moment.

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Inertia Kills Most Calls for Change

I would like to share this article written by Dolph Tillotson - then president and publisher of the Galveston Daily News - on Oct 11, 2019. Sounds familiar, don't you think? Here’s a statement over which I think few people would argue: Galveston city government is so...

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Addressing Just One Ill-Founded Rumor

What’s perhaps fueling the rumor mill now is a recognition on the inside that Galveston City government is indeed bloated and top heavy. What’s also true for sure is that we are going to take a hard, honest look and correct it.

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