I’m One Who Is Depending on You

Many of us were born in the war years, when, even though our parents weren’t having financial problems, we had to carefully stretch necessities like food and baby diapers, gasoline for the car, even wear outgrown shoes until more were available to purchase.

It gave us great respect for fiscal responsibility.

Fortunately, our parents had gone through a similar life, as they and our grandparents had to paddle through the enormous obstacle courses that were the result of the Great Depression.

And somehow most of them made it, and didn’t hold a grudge because they were all in it together.

But being prepared for another hard time made all of them cognizant of minding their finances.

Roger “Bo” Quiroga has that innate sense of money management, and it came from a similar event.  He, his siblings and parents – ten in all – lived in a teeny house just south of the wharves where his daddy worked as a laborer.  The boys and girls slept in the attic, girls on one side, boys on the other. They got by, but barely.

After a short pro baseball career, Bo worked his way up in a local bank, and when the bank was sold to new owners, he was running it, and it was making a profit when many weren’t. In fact, his bank hadn’t in recent years.

You see, like others, he has never tried to shake the lessons he learned from the need to respect and exercise physical financial responsibility.

We all saw this in action when he was our mayor from 1998 to 2004.  One city financial problem after another that his administration inherited, he addressed and solved.

And the growth, which had been in a slump through several prior administrations, sprouted and we BOIs and IBCs were no longer worried.

We were wearing our Pride Smiles again. I was one of them.

You can see and share this attitude once again if Roger “Bo” Quiroga is elected your new mayor.  It’s up to you. I’m personally depending on you because I still live there in heart and spirit.

Copyright 2020 – William S. Cherry