When Mr. Quiroga left office after three elections and six years, then Galveston Daily News Publisher Dolph Tillotson wrote:

“Quiroga has been a good financial steward. The city is on a much sounder financial footing today than when Quiroga took office six years ago … Roger Quiroga could make a hard choice and stick with it in the face of angry opposition. Having the courage to do what’s right, rather than what’s popular is absolutely critical in Galveston…

“(He) does a good job of listening, even to people with whom he disagrees.

“In business and politics, you can’t survive on this island without that critical element – backbone. . .

“He was and is a hard-working, conscientious public servant . . . He’s put his own peace and his personal financial life on the line to serve Galveston.”

Mr. Tillotson also wrote: “Quiroga understands and appreciates business, so he helped create a pro-development attitude at city hall. We are seeing the benefit of that now as homes and businesses blossom everywhere.”

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